Psalm 9:20 “Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves to be but men.  Selah.”

A nation is a mere reflection of its individuals.  A country is but a composition of its citizens; America is but a composition of Americans.  Thus, if we want to see our nation transformed then we need to begin at the individual level.  Those who most greatly impact our national character are our leaders, and our faithful prayer for them is a good place to start.

A leader of an organization of any size has a disproportionate influence on the character and culture of that organization, a humbling thought for those in leadership positions.  The situation is no different for the leader of a city, state, or nation.  If the Lord were to mold the hearts of a few select individuals around us, then we would see that transformation manifested in a large scale way.  PLEASE PRAY FAITHFULLY AND FERVENTLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE GREATEST INFLUENCE ON OUR LAND.

Of course, a leader is a mere reflection of those who voted for him (or who failed to vote at all).  Thus, a nation gets the leaders that it deserves, those leaders who reflect the character of the nation’s citizens.  While the thoughts above should prompt us to pray for our leaders, these thoughts should also prompt us to closely examine ourselves.  Is the nation a reflection of my testimony?  Is my life truly distinct and different from the national culture that I claim to oppose?  Am I getting the leaders that I deserve?  If this nation were like me, would it be more like our nation today or more like the nation founded by our Christian forefathers?  Such an examination should prompt prayer for individual revival in our own lives, which is always the trigger for something greater.  PLEASE PRAY FOR INDIVIDUAL REVIVAL SO THAT A LAND THAT REFLECTS OUR INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER WOULD BE CHRIST-LIKE.

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