A tipping point is a “magic moment” in which change happens.  As often as not, change does not happen “gradually but at one dramatic moment.”  Change that occurs at a tipping point is described in Malcolm Gladwell’s book of same name.  Such change, like the ignition of innovation or the spread of an epidemic, can be for good or bad.  The results are agnostic.

While Gladwell does not base his theory on consideration of the Lord’s influence, there are spiritual applications of the tipping point.  These include the change of eternal direction at the moment of salvation, an inflection in church growth, or a ramping of the rewards of faithfulness.  There are two applications of the tipping point that are directly relevant to PLUS, one bad and one good.

The first is a negative application.  In my post “Wrestling Us Back from the Brink,” the mere mention of a brink is a reminder of a tipping point.  Many experts agree that America is on the brink, though it is impossible for us to know how close we are to widespread national failure.  For our own good, we must not assume we have much time left to return to the Lord before it is too late.  Such thoughts must compel us to faithfully pray for our nation and encourage others to do so.  These thoughts are the ones that compelled me to begin the PLUS ministry, before the Lord has given us up for good.

The second is a positive application.  Widespread revival could come with the next act of faithfulness by God’s people.  The next person who dedicates to praying for our nation regularly may be enough to trigger the “magic moment” in which the Lord sparks widespread change.  These thoughts have compelled me to continue PLUS, realizing that the next post may be necessary for a dramatically positive moment to occur that changes our national direction.

You could be the tipping point for our nation, for good or bad.  A single act of ignoring the call of God for faithfulness may be enough to push us over the brink.  It may be enough for God’s hand of blessing to be completely removed from us for good.  Alternatively, a single act of answering the call of God for faithfulness may be enough to tip us into a glorious revival.  PLEASE PRAY THAT YOUR FAITHFULNESS WOULD BE A POSITIVE TIPPING POINT FOR THE DIRECTION OF OUR NATION.  We need to be tipped in the right direction before we are irrevocably tipped in the wrong direction.