James 4:17 “Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

Edmund Burke, 18th Century Irish statesman and supporter of the American Revolutionary cause, is credited with proclaiming the following:  “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  It was several months ago when I realized that I was failing to uphold my responsibilities as a Christian American citizen.  In doing nothing to wrestle back our nation towards Christ-centeredness, I was regularly committing sins of omission.  Furthermore, I was letting evil triumph because this “good man” was doing nothing about it.  While my 19-years of military service were commendable, they were not sufficient to solve the problems of our nation.  These convicting thoughts prompted the creation of PLUS, both as an individual responsibility and a call to ministry.

Evil is triumphing in our nation because the good are doing nothing.  The following sins of omission are evident among us (as written about previously):

  • Failing to uphold the formula for revival (March 24)
  • Failing to be salt and light (March 31)
  • Failing to be peculiar (April 3)
  • Failing to resist the tug towards worldliness (April 10)
  • Failing to properly teach the next generation (April 14)
  • Failing to adequately pray (May 1)
  • Failing to seek servant leadership (May 19)
  • Failing to stand on the solid foundation of Biblical faith (June 2)
  • Failing to put our concerns into action (June 9)
  • Failing to shoulder our responsibilities (June 23)
  • Failing to demonstrate passion for our situation (July 21 and 24)

If we continue to shirk our responsibilities, then our sins of omission will allow evil to triumph in our land.  PLEASE PRAY THAT CHRISTIAN AMERICANS WOULD SEE OUR INACTION AS SINFULNESS THAT WILL DESTROY OUR NATION.  We must immediately arrest our sins of omission.  Otherwise, we are as guilty for the downfall of America as those who we would label evil.  They will triumph because of us.