John Stuart Mill, 19th Century British political philosopher, said something similar to Burke (referenced in the previous post) in an address to the University of St. Andrews: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”  Six months ago, I decided that I could no longer look on and do nothing.  Every day since February 1st, I have had a specific period of prayer at a time and place separate from my workplace.

Often, I have gone to my base chapel at lunchtime to pray.  Several times while traveling I have prayed in chapels of other bases.  I have prayed in airports; I have prayed on airplanes; I have prayed while parked in my car.

Frequently my prayer time has been at lunchtime, but often it has not.  At times, I have prayed nearer to breakfast; at times, I have prayed nearer to dinner; after particularly long and demanding days at work, I have prayed at night before going home.

PLEASE PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER HOW YOU WILL PLUS.  Maybe it is starting a period of prayer with students at your Christian school.  Maybe it is at home during naptime.  Maybe it is with some colleagues in a conference room at work.  Maybe it is in the cafeteria at your Bible college.  Maybe it is on the road while driving your tractor-trailer.  Maybe it is by yourself when your busy schedule allows.  Regardless of the when and the how, please do it.  Otherwise, we are compassing the ends of bad men rather than those of good men.