Acts 6:7 “And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.”

The church of Acts saw miraculous growth. The growth rate was large in Acts 2, and accelerated thereafter. In fact, Christian growth was described primarily as additive in the early part of Acts (Acts 2:41, Acts 2:47, Acts 5:14) and primarily as multiplicative in the latter part of Acts (Acts 6:1, Acts 6:7, Acts 9:31, Acts 12:24). They started growing exponentially.

What triggered the change in growth rate from additive to multiplicative? It is tough to pinpoint the genesis of this change. Yet, it happened as the church faithfully endured persecution.

We may be sensing persecution on the horizon for American Christians; some of our fellow citizens are already enduring hardships because of their faiths. We also must recognize that Christians in other lands are being actively and violently persecuted because of their faithfulness.

Should we welcome persecution? No! Should we remain faithful if persecution comes our way? Absolutely yes! It may be a part of God’s plan to trigger an exponential spread of the gospel of Christ. PLEASE PRAY THAT AMERICAN CHRISTIANS WOULD REMAIN FAITHFUL IN THE FACE OF PERSECUTION. Our faithfulness in the face of persecution may be what is required to bring about Christian exponential growth in this land.

SET YOUR ALARM: If you’re alarmed (that a woman’s right to choose has caused 30 million US females to be aborted), set your alarm (to pray for our nation)!

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