James 4:16b “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

We all want to be productive.  We want the time we spend to be worth the investment.  We want the output of our lives to exceed the value of the inputs.  We want our actions to have an impact.

Prayer provides great leverage in the physical sense of the word.  Relatively small inputs of prayer on our part, multiplied by the long lever arm of the Lord’s reach and power, results in a magnified outcome.  It avails much.  Yet, all prayer is not created equal.

Powerful prayer requires fervency and righteousness.  A fervent prayer displays passionate intensity in which the prayer warrior truly yearns for the petition to come to fruition.  Fervency manifests itself in regularity, because it is based on an issue that grips in such a way that it constantly burdens the heart.  This fervency is best communicated through a righteous heart of one who is cognizant of his/her responsibility towards Christ-like service and is dedicated to such service.  This individual understands that they are best postured for productive prayer through a Godly disposition.

Our nation needs prayer warriors who fervently seek an America that returns to Christ centeredness.  We need Christians who beg the Lord for change at the national level and who dedicate themselves to righteousness at the personal level.  FROM A RIGHTEOUS AND FERVENT HEART, PLEASE REGULARLY PRAY FOR NATIONAL CHANGE.  If we yearn to avail, then we must!