Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

The chaplain of the United States Senate in the 1940s, Peter Marshall, prayed the following:

“May we begin to see that all true Americanism begins in being Christian; that it can have no other foundation, as it has no other roots.  To Thy glory was this Republic established.  For the advancement of the Christian faith did the Founding Fathers give their life’s heritage, passed down to us.”

This nation needs the exaltation brought about by righteousness.  It needs to shed the reproach brought about by sin.  It needs Christians to rise to our true citizenship responsibility to promote the one and prevent the other.

The Founding Fathers passed down a great task to Christians.  This land was established to the glory of God.  It was founded, rooted and grounded on Christ, and demands that believers are to be faithful Christians if we are to be fit citizens.  This doesn’t diminish the role of others in our society, but reminds us that when this nation falters it is because we have neither been good Christians nor good American citizens.  In many ways, the two are inseparable.

PLEASE PRAY THAT CHRISTIANS RISE TO THE RESPONSIBILITY OF TRUE CITIZENSHIP.  We must do so not just during election season, but always.  We must do so to maintain true Americanism in our land.

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