Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”

Cricket is an interesting game, with some similarities to baseball but with many differences.  One notable difference is that it is very difficult to get an opposing player out.  In fact, there are situations during Test Matches where the same batter remains at bat for an entire day because the defensive team cannot get him out.  In the meanwhile, the batter scores hundreds of runs for his team.  It is very rare for a batter to get out without scoring a single run.  In fact, such a situation is called a Duck.  It is extraordinarily rare for a batter to get out on the first pitch (aka first bowl).  This situation is called a Golden Duck, and if achieved in a match (at any level) it qualifies the batter to become a member of the Primary Club.  Sadly, I am a member of the Primary Club.

While stationed in the United Kingdom many years ago, my village cricket team invited me to play a match with them against a neighboring village.  I was excited to show them the American athletic prowess and eagerly joined the team.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to practice ahead of time or even to warm up immediately before the game.  Before I knew it, I was at bat with a determined bowler intent on thwarting my cricket debut.  At the first pitch, I swung for the fences expecting a glorious crack of the bat.  Instead, all I heard was the cheering of the other team.  Sure enough, my mighty swing completely whiffed and the ball struck the wicket behind me.  I was out on the first ball, and didn’t even know what a big deal it was until my team passed on the deflating news.  They also passed on my name and story to the Primary Club who sent me a tie commemorating the event.  I had one pitch thrown my way, and I missed it.

There is only one pitch that matters for eternity – what do we do with the glorious news of Jesus Christ.  Do we accept it and connect with Him, or do we miss it altogether?  Thirteen years ago this week, I accepted Jesus as my Savior after missing His grace every time it came my way prior to that.  It was the single most important decision I will ever make in my life.

May we all remember the glorious moment when we connected with Jesus.  May this single event motivate us continuously to reach out to our needy world with the good news of Christ.  PLEASE PRAY THAT CHRISTIANS WOULD FAITHFULLY PITCH THE GOSPEL TO THOSE AROUND US.  Making connections for Christ will help bring our nation and our world into THE PRIMARY CLUB!