James 1:22 “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

I have PLUSed in 11 states since feeling this call to ministry over four months ago.  I have taken specific time out of every workday during this period to pray for our nation.  The state total would be 12 if you count the time I was able to PLUS on board a B-52 over an additional state (don’t worry, I was not at the controls at the time).  Regardless of the total, I am especially sensitive to the call to prayer when I am traveling.  My hopeful prayer in each state is that the Christians in that state would be the ones whose faithfulness would spur a nationwide revival.

The Lord has ignited American revival in a variety of ways throughout our nation’s history.  It has been spread through pastors and itinerant preachers.  It has been promulgated by businessmen and slaves.  It has originated in rural New England and urban Manhattan.  It has thrived on the frontier and in the cities.  It has crossed the boundaries of states and nations.  It has transcended congregations and denominations.  There is no reason that God cannot do the same today.

Your faithfulness and the faithfulness of Christians in your state may be the next trigger for a nationwide revival.  PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WOULD ALLOW YOU TO BE A PART OF A REVIVAL THAT SWEEPS THE NATION.  It would just take a spark of concentrated faithfulness to ignite such a fabulous blaze.