James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

As the boundaries of our nation have drifted away from God’s established plan, recent American Christians have failed to properly resist.  As our nation has become secularized, we have failed to resist.  As radically liberal influences have invaded our communities, our schools, and even our churches, we have failed to resist.  As we have been pulled in the direction of the world and apart from God, we have failed to resist.

I once had the honor of hearing the following two great Americans speak at a military event.  Major General Charles Bolden, a member of the Marine Corps and the astronaut corps, described his desire to quit the US Naval Academy as a plebe.  His parents’ advice during their weekly telephone conversation was simple – resist the temptation to quit for one more week.  This advice, followed week-by-week, carried him on to graduation, commissioning, and an amazing military career.  Colonel George “Bud” Day, United States Air Force fighter pilot and POW in Vietnam, shared a similar story.  His technique to resist torture-laden interrogation – resist the temptation to give in to his captors for one more hour.  This tactic, followed hour-by-hour, carried him through his extended period of captivity and allowed him to return with honor.

We should heed these practical demonstrations of a firm Biblical principle and be dedicated to resistance against those things that would degrade our Godly purpose.  Please pray that we would collectively resist the forces that would move us, and our nation, away from the Lord.