Psalm 20:7 “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses:  but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”

In mid-April, an American missionary couple in Beijing, China (names intentionally omitted) had their church raided in the middle of a Sunday service by local authorities and the service was broken up.  These same authorities ruled that all church services there were to be permanently cancelled.  A few weeks later, these same authorities dictated that the couple’s visas would not be renewed and they were to leave the country by mid-June.  Sure enough, a few weeks ago this couple who had been faithfully serving on the Chinese mission field since 2001 sadly left the land to which they had been called.

Stricter regulation of spiritual life is becoming the norm in all of China, not just in Beijing.  The root of these control measures is the government’s desire to retain its sovereignty over the affairs of its citizens. As the New York Times article ‘Decapitated Churches in China’s Christian Heartland’ suggests, these actions “reflect the government’s longstanding fear that Christianity could undermine the party’s authority.”  The Party wants the Chinese people to trust in them and them alone.  Yet we know that there is one thing that should be trusted above all else – not military might, economic influence, or political control.  Christians everywhere must remember the name of the LORD our God.

PLEASE PRAY FOR CHRISTIANS WORLDWIDE TO TRUST IN GOD ALONE AS SOVEREIGN.  Controlling governments across the globe have a longstanding fear that we would do so.

See this link to read the entire New York Times Article:

SET YOUR ALARM:  If you’re alarmed (that progressive regimes throughout the world see God as a threat to their authority), set your alarm (to pray for our nation)!

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