I Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

As we close out this year and bring an end to a celebration of our nation’s 240th year, I hope that a few looks back at 1776 during 2016 have reminded you of the importance of faith, prayer, perseverance and humble reliance on the Lord during our nation’s founding.  As David McCullough says in the great work entitled 1776, this nation was formed because of God’s miraculous touch:

“The year 1776, celebrated as the birth year of the nation and for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was for those who carried the fight for independence forward a year of all-too-few victories, or sustained suffering, disease, hunger, desertion, cowardice, disillusionment, defeat, terrible discouragement, and fear, and they would never forget, but also of phenomenal courage and bedrock devotion to country, and that, too, they would never forget.

Especially for those who had been with Washington and who knew what a close call it was at the beginning – how often circumstance, storms, contrary winds, the oddities or strengths of individual character had made the difference – the outcome seemed little short of a miracle.”

As we sometimes feel like we face all-too-few victories, may we look to God for our victory in 2017 as our founders did in 1776.    PLEASE PRAY FOR PHENOMENAL COURAGE AND BEDROCK DEVOTION TO COUNTRY IN THE NEW YEAR.  Not only was our founding little short of a miracle, but our sustainment as a nation over 240 years and through the turbulent last year is little short of a miracle as well.

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