The term ‘free rider’ has important applications in economics and social science.  It refers to someone who benefits from a resource without paying their fare share because others bear the burden.  In many ways, American Christians have become free riders.

The Lord has blessed America throughout our history well more than we deserve.  This disparity has become even more acute in recent days as the nation has invited cursings, not blessings, upon itself.  The nation has been free-riding on God’s grace, with a willful lack of appreciation for the Lord’s unmerited favor.

At the same time, those of us who have failed to regularly and fervently pray for our nation have been free-riding on the faithfulness of those more dedicated to proper Christian citizenship.  The prayers of faithful citizens may have delayed the judgment of a longsuffering God on a nation that has invited His wrath.  Their prayers may be all that separate America from a harsh and deserved fate.  At the same time, their prayers may also be staving off an even more severe devolution of our society than that which currently brings sorrow to the faithful.  Those who pray are paying the cost for the rest.

PLEASE PAY THE SMALL COST OF REGULAR AND FERVENT PRAYER FOR OUR NATION.  Free riders will always exist, but America Christians should not be numbered among them.