Ephesians 4:27 “Neither give place to the devil.”

Our nation’s complacency about sin has been a major part of our steady slide towards marginality and away from exceptionality.  As a nation, we have given place to the devil time and again.  In many cases that seem small at the time, we have yielded to sin and turned our backs on righteousness.  Frankly, as Christians we have followed society’s lead in this respect.  A little compromise here and a small dose of acquiesce there have led us far away from God’s plan.

rock-climbing-climberRock climbers are amazing as they scale smooth vertical faces of rock.  The best among them only need the tiniest of cracks or knobs to give them the leverage they need to haul their bodies up a cliff.  Similarly, a small foothold is all the devil needs to scale our lives.  We have given him such leverage, and are suffering now without direction, foundation, or support.

PLEASE PRAY THAT WE WOULD REFUSE TO GIVE ANOTHER INCH OF GROUND TO THE DEVIL.  We must no longer give him place in our lives or in our nation.  We must deny him any footholds upon which to take advantage because if they exist, he will use them.

SET YOUR ALARM:  If you’re alarmed (that our society is determined to avoid offending anyone except God), set your alarm (to pray for our nation)!

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