Hebrews 11:2 “For by it [faith] the elders obtained a good report.”

In the days leading up to July 4th, 1776, morale was waning among the colonists.  Supplies were in short supply, financing was scarce, and victories were rare.  It was in this context that General Washington recognized the need for encouragement.  As a prelude to the reading of the Declaration to his assembled troops, the following was offered:

“The General hopes this important Event will serve as fresh incentive to every officer and soldier to act with Fidelity and Courage, as knowing that now the peace and safety of his country depends, under God, solely on the success of our arms:  And that he is now in the service of a State possessed of sufficient power to reward his merit, and advance him to the highest honors of a free country.”

Indeed, the public proclamation had its intended effect.  As the members of the Continental Army considered the courageous act of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, it steeled their resolve.

In this way, faithfulness is much like courage.  The faithfulness of the men and women described in Hebrews 11 should steel our resolve.  Furthermore, if we are faithful, then our faithfulness will steel the resolve of others.  It only takes a few to encourage the many.  PLEASE PRAY THAT YOUR FAITHFULNESS WOULD ENCOURAGE THE FAITHFULNESS OF OTHER CHRISTIAN AMERICANS.  After all, it only took 56 men to encourage the fidelity and courage of an entire army.